Recommended Resources

United Nations SDG Website: Website for accessing in depth information on the Sustainable Development Goals

Inspire Citizens Website: Website run by Steve Sostak from Inspire Citizens. This website holds lots of helpful resources for goal setting and idea generation

Four Self Aware Archetypes: Tool that helps map internal self-awareness. How well do you know yourself?

Global Goals Website: More information on the SDGs

Manitoba Council for International Cooperation: Information about the Sustainable Development Goals. Includes targets, supporting questions, etc.

United Way Volunteer Center: Find volunteer opportunities near you or that you are interested in

Volunteer Match: Another website to find volunteer opportunities

OECD Website: Global Competence: Useful resource for understanding "Global Competence"


When the world is full of sorrow, 

Change today for tomorrow

Make a reality without brutality,

A new future with good mentality

We want change the world for the better,

This is our home we’ll make it together

We want to change the world for the better, 

This is our home we’ll save it together

- 2021 Changemakers in collaboration with Brian Owens and Team